NeoGraft: A Less Invasive Option for Hair Restoration

Published on September 9, 2016

Hair transplantation has long been a proven and safe technique for the correction of hair loss. Unfortunately, many are still leery of the process because of reported discomfort, potential scarring and the possibility of unnatural results. Follicles Hair Loss Clinic is now offering Neograft, a device that effectively reduces the risks and downtime for many hair transplant patients.

Hair transplant involves the removal of hair grafts from the back of the head (hairs that stay with most of us even if we thin or go bald everywhere else!) and moves them to areas that need them the most, such as in the front or in the crown. Because these hairs are genetically different, they will stay with us for life and provide a long term correction of hair loss in areas where they are placed.

Neograft minimizes the discomfort and visible scarring that can occur with this process.
In addition, it speeds up follicular unit extraction, the detailed process that allows for a more minimal approach. The chances for complications such as bleeding or numbness are reduced as well.

With this technique, patients no longer require a long linear incision (or the potential scar) and the stitches associated with it. This greatly decreases discomfort as well as downtime in those patients who are candidates.

How does the Neograft process work? Basically four steps:

  1. The Neograft device is used to remove hair from the back of the scalp. Here the hair is genetically programmed to resist testosterone and remain vibrant and healthy no matter where it is placed.
  2. Each graft is extracted with the ideal diameter and length by the Neograft device for optimal take.
  3. Your hair transplant surgeon then designs and creates the recipient sites in the proper angle direction, and orientation for the most natural results possible.
  4. Each graft is meticulously placed in locations in the recipient area for the most rejuvenated yet natural appearance.

Neograft is ideal for younger, active patients who wear their hair short and would not tolerate a linear scar in the posterior scalp. Neograft allows for a nearly undetectable result that provides hair rejuvenations with no limitation on lifestyle. Those who want a more minimal approach will appreciate this technique as well.

The first step to exploring your options at Follicles Hair Loss Clinic begins with a consultation with a physician to evaluate your hair loss and its cause. Together we can explore the many options for correction including medical therapy, PRP (platelet rich plasma), low level light therapy/Lasercap, or hair transplantation with or without Neograft.

The options for restoring your hair have never been better.

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