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Published on October 5, 2016

New miracle treatment/ medication regrows hair!

The truth is that there are few treatments that have been proven to regrow hair. And while new innovations are always coming out, hair transplantation remains the most effective and proven hair loss treatment.

Unfortunately, not everyone is a candidate for hair transplants. So what are the other PROVEN options? First start with medications. While there are supplements such as biotin that can strengthen hair and medical treatment of some conditions will benefit hair loss, there are only two medications proven to regrow hair: minoxidil (think Rogaine) and finasteride (Propecia). Of these two, Propecia is by far the most effective medication at preventing and even regrowing hair.

If someone is interested in Propecia, I do recommend they come in for a consult to discuss. While Propecia has been proven to be safe and effective in most studies, questions do linger. In addition, it is only indicated for men. All of that said, nine out of ten men that take Propecia either regrow hair or at the very least keep the hair that they have. Any male concerned with hair loss should at least explore taking Propecia.

Of the non- medication therapies, two really stand out- light therapy and PRP. Both have studies that show benefit and our offered here at Follicles- more information can be found on this web site. That said, both are still early in their development and are less predictable than hair transplantation. If a patient is a candidate for hair transplant that should usually be their first choice. For the rest, PRP and light therapy may be a nice option to stimulate hair growth.


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